Pets are an essential part of many households, and it’s no surprise that homeowners want their homes to be a comfortable and safe spaces for their cats and dogs. However, pets can be tough on a property, and their needs often clash with our human needs. Here are improvement projects to create a pet-friendly home to make your living spaces comfortable and functional for your family and pets.

Ideas for a Pet-Friendly Home

1. Pet-Friendly Flooring for Your Home

If you have pets at home, it’s essential to have durable and pet-friendly flooring. Carpets are not the best choice as they collect pet hair, dirt, and debris. Instead, opt for scratch-resistant flooring, such as vinyl or tile. You might also choose eco-friendly options such as bamboo or cork flooring, which are both durable and sustainable.

2. Doors for a Home with Pets

Most homeowners with pets can attest to the scratches, dents, and dirt on their entry doors. If you want to avoid such damages, install pet doors to give your pets access to your home’s interior and exterior spaces. With a pet door, your dog or cat won’t damage your doors, and you won’t have to get up every few minutes to let them in or out.

3. Built-In Pet Stations

To give your pet an exclusive and comfortable space, design a built-in pet station to keep their belongings organized. Your station might include cabinets, hooks, and shelves to store food, leashes, toys, and other necessities. You can add a feeding station at the bottom to make mealtimes more convenient for you and your cat or dog.

4. Landscaping for a Pet-Friendly Home

Designing your yard with pets in mind can make a difference in your quality of life and that of your animals. Add a dog run to an area of the property to avoid damage to your yard and to make it easier to clean up after your pets. When selecting plants, choose non-toxic shrubs and flowers, as not all plants are safe for pets to consume.

5. Lighting and Temperature Control

Pets love to bask in the sunlight and enjoy a comfortable temperature, just like humans. Floor-to-ceiling windows incorporate natural light into your living spaces and give pets a place to watch the outside world. If you have cats, add a cat tree to provide a place for them to lounge in the window. Additionally, install a programmable thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature even when you’re not there.

6. Protecting the Furniture in Your Pet-Friendly Home

If you live with a cat or dog, you know pet hair can be an issue. Keep the furniture clean by using covers or protecting the pieces with washable throw blankets. When a throw is covered in fur, simply replace it with a new one while you launder the dirty blanket. You’ll keep the furniture safe from scratches, and this tip makes clean-up a breeze.

Creating a pet-friendly home involves more than purchasing pet beds and toys. It requires consideration of your pets’ needs in tandem with your own. These upgrades and improvements are simple and affordable ways to make your home more comfortable and functional for both you and your pets.

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