Cleaning up after your pet doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you incorporate some simple and quick cleaning methods. Keep your house free from pet hair buildup, dirt from the outdoors, and unpleasant smells. Following these five home cleaning tips helps your home look clean and smell fresh, even with pets.

Home Cleaning Tips with Natural Products

Baking soda and white vinegar come in handy for eliminating odors from furniture, carpets, litter boxes, and your pet’s bedding. A water bottle filled with one part vinegar to two parts water neutralizes odors from pet accidents.

Baking soda is another effective home cleaning product that works wonders for deep cleaning pet bedding, pet clothing, collars, litter boxes, and leashes.

Pet Hair Control

Every pet owner needs a lint roller. These sticky sheets of paper are great for removing fur from surfaces in your home and are work well after a good vacuuming. Lint brushes are also great for loosening any hair that gets stuck in between the fibers on your couch, carpets, and rugs.

Leave the Dirt Outside

Preventing dirt from entering your house is key to keeping your floors, carpets, and furniture clean. If your pet loves to spend time outdoors, wipe off and dry their paws before letting your pet inside. Mats laid outside and inside the door provide a great place to clean up your pet.


Grooming your pet regularly prevents hair from building up on carpets, beds, couches, and hard-to-reach places like baseboards and the legs of furniture.

A weekly bath helps to loosen shedding fur and further neutralizes the natural odors of your pet. Brushing your pet consistently is another way to get rid of hair that could end up on your couch, clothes, and elsewhere around the home.

Home Cleaning Tips for Furniture Protection

Protect your furniture from collecting dirt, hair, or accidental messes by covering it. There are also other ways to keep pets off furniture like placing aluminum foil on the surface to train them to stay off.

Furniture covers come in different materials, so depending on how much coverage and for what purpose you’re using it, you’re sure to find the right cover to fit your needs.

Keep your house free of pet hair, odors, and dirt by following the above home cleaning tips.

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