If you share a household with cats and dogs, it is important to make sure that your home is safe for them. Certain houseplants are a seemingly harmless threat to pets. If you decorate your house with living plants, research them first to make sure they are safe for animals to eat, just in case they decide to. Here are 5 non-toxic houseplants that are safe to keep in a home with pets.

Spider Plants are Non-Toxic Houseplants

Spider plants are well-known for purifying indoor air. They are easy to propagate more plants from the cuttings. Even though spider plants are non-toxic, cats do like to chew on them so hang them in baskets from the ceiling.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a popular and lush houseplant that is easy to care for. They thrive in humid areas and bright, indirect light, making it a great decoration for a bathroom. The foliage won’t harm your dog or cat if they chew on it.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants have unique patterns on their leaves, adding unique decor to any room. They like moist soil and indirect light. Fertilize your prayer plant every other week from spring until fall and once per month in the winter.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is a bit misleading because it is not actually a palm tree, but a succulent. It is named after the way the long, thin leaves grow from the top of its wide trunk like a ponytail. These houseplants add visual interest and dimension to your home. You can keep them in the house without worry that they will harm your pet if eaten.

Non-Toxic Houseplants That Don’t Need Soil

Tillandsia, otherwise known as air plants, are unique houseplants because they don’t need soil. Often, people hang glass bulbs to place these plants inside. They are low-maintenance, only needing to be submerged in water for a couple of hours every 2 or 3 weeks. If the air is dry in your home, they can be misted in between soakings.

Keep your pets healthy by only growing safe houseplants inside. Hanging plants in baskets from the ceiling or placing them on high shelves is a good way to keep your pets out of the plants and reduce messes.

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