There are many benefits to working with a real estate agent when buying a home. Agents have spent a great deal of time looking at properties, going to inspections, and maneuvering through lengthy closing processes. Your agent will help you gather information and is your support system to help you find the right home. Here are a few reasons to use a real estate agent when purchasing a property.

1. Working With a Real Estate Agent Will Help You Refine Your Search

If you have spent time on real estate websites, you know they can be overwhelming. The information becomes outdated quickly and it’s difficult to filter through all the listed properties. Working with a real estate agent means you get access to currently available homes and prices. Agents will call, email, or text you as soon as a new home hits the market, often before it is listing online.

2. Agents Schedule Appointments and Provide Access to Homes

Once you see a property that interests you, a real estate agent will handle the details of contacting the owner, setting up a viewing appointment, and gaining access. Homes for sale by licensed agents have secure lockboxes that they provide other agents access to. Some buyers and sellers prefer not to engage with each other. An agent can act as a buffer between the two parties.

3. Price Comparisons

Your real estate agent will provide you with a comparative analysis of the prices of homes in the area where you are shopping. With those figures, you can make an offer based on data and facts instead of emotions. An agent can help you determine if a property is priced fairly.

4. Help With the Contract and Disclosures

Once you make an offer on a property, a contract will be drawn up. The agreement will cover details like who is responsible for what costs and the contingencies of the offer. Many buyers make the home inspection one of the contingencies. Agents are experienced with creating contracts and negotiating with sellers.

5. Working With a Real Estate Agent for Guidance

Purchasing a property is a significant event and you will benefit from professional advice. Working with an agent gives you access to their resources. The agent will have useful contacts like mortgage lenders, inspectors, attorneys, and escrow officers. A real estate agent will have lists of contacts for professionals who can help you through all stages of the homebuying process.

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