In most areas, it is required that your home is equipped with safety devices and equipment to protect your family and the property. Fire extinguishers, escape ladders, and smoke alarms are useful in case a fire breaks out. To help keep your home safe, proper smoke detector placement is essential.

Number of Smoke Detectors

The first question to answer before you shop for devices is to figure out how many smoke detectors you will need. Purchase a smoke detector for each bedroom and for the hallways outside of the bedrooms. Sleeping areas in your home should be equipped with a detector. If you enjoy an afternoon nap in the living room, make sure a device is installed there. In a multi-level house, there should be at least one smoke detector on each floor. It’s important to have detectors in the laundry room and kitchen, as these are common areas where fire may break out.

Smoke Detector Placement

Once you have determined the ideal number of smoke detectors for your home, it is time to plan for the best placement of these devices. Generally, you want to install smoke detectors on the ceiling, unless there is a ceiling fan. If there is a fan, place the device on the ceiling closer to the wall. Follow this recommendation for the laundry rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen. Due to the higher risk of false alarms while cooking dinner, place the kitchen smoke detector 10-12 feet away from any cooking appliance or source of heat.

If you have a large home, place smoke detectors in the hallways and on the ceiling at the bottom of each staircase. If a fire breaks out on the first floor, family members upstairs will be alerted by the stairway alarm.

Other Tips for Smoke Detector Placement

Ideally, the smoke detector should be placed on the ceiling. If this is not possible, install it high on the wall, between 4 and 12 inches from the ceiling. Don’t install detectors near windows, exterior doors, or HVAC vents. The airflow from open windows, vents, or fans can decrease the effectiveness of the device. Make sure you have a working smoke detector in every room. Test the batteries monthly and replace the devices themselves every 10 years.

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