Mold in the home is a problem that no homeowner wants to encounter. The sooner you can identify mold and the conditions that lead to mold, you can address the source and prevent harm to your health and home. Here are 5 signs of mold in the home that you should look out for.

Musty Odors are Signs of Mold in the Home

It’s common for the first noticeable sign of mold to be an odor. As mold grows, it produces mycotoxins that have a specific smell. Often, the musty odor is the only sign of a problem because it precedes visible mold growth or damage.

The odor may become stronger when the HVAC system kicks on, suggesting that mold may be growing in the air ducts. Following the smell to its source is a good way to pinpoint the location where mold is growing.

Allergy Symptoms

Another sign of mold in the home is the way you feel. Indoor mold growth causes allergies and respiratory symptoms in the majority of people. While symptoms like itchy eyes, a runny nose, and difficulty breathing could come from a variety of illnesses, if they only occur at home it is likely due to mold. Pay attention to how you feel at home compared to other places. If your symptoms only flare up in the house, it is a sign of mold.

Spots and Stains

Certain types of mold are more visible than others. Notorious black mold is the most toxic kind and appears as black smudges or spots. Other molds may appear as white, green, or even pink stains. Some molds look like dirt. Keep an eye out for strange visible spots and stains on the surfaces in your home.

High Humidity

Monitor the levels of humidity in your home to reduce the risk for mold growth. Mold thrives in high humidity environments. The ideal humidity in a house should be 30-50% and anything above that is prime for mold to develop.

Water Leaks Lead to Signs of Mold in the Home

Leaks, whether from the roof or from plumbing pipes, often lead to mold growth since mold needs moisture to grow. Look for leaks in the attic, underneath sinks, and in the basement. If you find them, you may also notice musty odors and dark stains.

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