It’s an easy decision to hire a home inspector when you’re buying an older house. You may not think to have an inspection done on a brand new property. It’s important to order a home inspection on new construction. Let’s explore some reasons why.

New Homes Can Have Problems

A brand new home should be in perfect shape because no one has lived in it and nothing has been used. Your family will be the first to live in the home. You’ll learn if the basement floods during big storms and if the HVAC system works properly. Some of the issues that can be found in newly-built homes are listed below.

  • Poorly sealed windows and doors
  • Loose connections in the HVAC system
  • A thermostat that doesn’t work correctly
  • Plumbing that is installed incorrectly can lead to leaks
  • Electrical switches missing their cover plates
  • Ungrounded electrical wiring
  • Improper grading and drainage
  • Foundation cracks
  • Poor framing

Municipal Code Inspections Aren’t Thorough

You might be surprised to learn that municipal building code inspections don’t guarantee that all problems have been detected. A code inspector’s job isn’t to inspect every component of the house. They are there to verify that your home was built according to the minimum building standards. This doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their jobs. It’s not their responsibility to perform a complete home inspection.

Some new homes have major defects. To know that your new home is in great shape, order a home inspection on new construction.

Home Inspection on New Construction in Phases

You can order inspections as your home is being constructed. Inspections at different phases of the build allows your inspector to catch problems while it’s still easy to make repairs. A pre-drywall inspection can be performed after the framing is done. It provides an inspector the opportunity to inspect items like insulation, wiring, and plumbing before the walls go up. The final inspection is the full inspection that’s done after your home is completed and before move-in.

Is it Worth the Cost for a Home Inspection on New Construction?

Don’t assume that all home systems have been properly installed. It’s better to have the insulation, studs, posts, beams, wiring, foundation, and plumbing looked over by an inspector who is there on your behalf. If problems aren’t discovered until later, your repair bills can total thousands of dollars. The fee for the new construction inspection is small compared to how much you may end up paying for repairs.

After a home inspection on new construction, defects discovered are the responsibility of your builder. Making sure the construction is sound can save you a lot of money in the future.

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