Household chores are made easier by our appliances. Machines help us manage everyday tasks and we rely on them to work efficiently, but these appliances are pricey to replace. Extend the lifespans of your appliances with proper care and cleaning. Learn more about how to make these helpful machines last longer.


A refrigerator is an expensive purchase so you’ll want to take care of the one you have. The coils behind or beneath the fridge help to remove heat so that it runs efficiently. Dust or vacuum the coils on a regular basis.

Check the refrigerator’s seals by placing a piece of paper in the door. If the paper slides out, it’s time to replace the seal. Keep your fridge well-stocked, but not overfull. Air should be able to circulate freely inside the refrigerator.

Extend the Lifespans of Your Laundry Appliances

Your clothes washer and dryer are useful machines that are often used multiple times each week. Take care to never overload them, as this causes stress on the belts. Other ways to help these appliances last longer include making sure the machines are level and balanced and cleaning out the filters and lint traps regularly. Finally, clean your dryer vent every few months using a vacuum to help the machine run more efficiently.


The average dishwasher will last between 10 to 12 years. In order for it to last that long, it requires care and maintenance. Scrape plates clean to remove food before loading. Food scraps and crumbs can clog the dishwasher and even damage the hoses. Only run the machine when you have a full load.

Every month, clean the filter. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to keep the door seal clean and mold-free. Another thing you can do to keep the dishwasher performing well is to check the spray arms every few months. Food particles can get stuck in the nozzles. Remove food or debris gently, using an old toothbrush or a toothpick.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Appliances: The Microwave

To extend the life of your microwave, the most important task is to keep it clean. Any food particles left inside the microwave will continue to cook each time it’s used, leading to a less efficient appliance. Clean the inside of the microwave after each use and clean the outside at least weekly. When cooking in the microwave, cover your food and never use metal utensils or containers for heating food. Close the door securely, making sure the latch catches, and never run an empty microwave.

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