Home improvements don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective. Simple upgrades around your home will make your space more functional and attractive. Here are a few easy home improvement projects you can tackle in a single weekend.

Painting is an Easy Home Improvement Project

Painting is an easy and inexpensive project to improve your home. If you don’t feel up to painting an entire room, paint an accent wall. A bold, vibrant accent wall creates a focal point in a room. For a child’s room, the accent wall could be their favorite color or you could cover the wall in chalkboard paint to make an area for art.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding is the trim used at the top of the wall that borders the ceiling. Today this type of molding serves a mostly decorative purpose, yet installing crown molding can change the feel of a room by making the walls seem taller. Shop for a trim that appeals to you and complements the style and era of your home. Wood and composite molding are the easiest to install.

Easy Home Improvement: Upgrade Your Showerhead

Make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Install a new shower head with adjustable settings to customize your space. Many modern showerheads provide a luxury shower experience while also saving water.

Install a New Front Door

As the main entryway of your home, the front door sees a lot of traffic. People coming and going and exposure to the elements will eventually cause the door to look old and worn. Install a new steel front door to increase home security and energy efficiency and improve the look of your home.

If a new door isn’t in the budget, add a fresh coat of paint to your existing door. Touch up the original color or choose a bold new shade to complement the style and colors of your home.

Change Your Outlet Covers

Update your boring beige outlet covers with pieces that are more attractive. Shop online or at your local hardware store to find covers that fit the style of the room. You’ll find plenty of options that look like stainless steel and brass. There are also plastic options with bold colors and patterns. If you’re feeling creative, use fabric, wallpaper, decoupage, or spray paint to customize your current switch plates and outlet covers.

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