Aerial drones have become useful in many industries, including home inspection services. This tool helps professionals to get a better look at aspects of a home. Drones offer a safer view when a roof is too steep or structurally dangerous and can also provide high-resolution aerial images of the property. Here are a few reasons to hire a professional who uses drones in home inspections.

Drones in Home Inspections Provide Accessibility

A home inspection is used to assess the condition of a property when it is being purchased or sold. To get the most thorough inspection, every component of the property should be examined in order to obtain a comprehensive report on the home’s condition.

An aerial drone gives the inspector the ability to take pictures and videos of hard-to-access areas. Drone technology provides images that show the condition of guttering, dormer windows, chimneys, and upper-level siding.

More Detail in the Inspection Report

Before the introduction of drones, it was sometimes difficult to inspect all features of the roof. Tall chimneys, unconventional architectural features, skylights, and dormer windows can be difficult to examine closely just by walking the roof.

A drone makes it simple to capture high-resolution images and examine them in-depth after the inspection. When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, you will get a more accurate and detailed home inspection report.


Roofs are the most dangerous area to access during a home inspection. Some roofs are made of fragile materials like clay tile that could be damaged during an inspection. When roofs are wet or snow-covered, they become slippery and are less safe to examine up close.

If a roof cannot be safely walked, aerial drones collect information for the property seller or buyer. A drone can capture views of features across the entire structure. Your home inspector will review these images and highlight problem areas that need attention.

Hire a Pro Who Uses Drones in Home Inspection

When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, you will get images that show the finer details of your roofing. A drone can collect information on a large area within a short time.

An inspection of your home’s exterior should include all areas, components, and features. Drones provide you with details and information about the condition of your new home.

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