If you’re moving into a newly constructed home, you expect it to be well-built and move-in ready. When you first tour the property, everything may look perfect. However, after living in the home for a few months and through different seasons, you may notice problems with the house. Even a brand new home can be poorly constructed or have defective materials. Make sure to order an 11th-month warranty inspection. Many builders offer a one-year warranty on the property and having an inspection gives you the opportunity to find and document any issues.

Find Defects When You Order an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

A newly constructed home should be in excellent condition with no problems, defects, or safety concerns. However, with so many teams working on the build, it’s almost impossible for your contractor to supervise every aspect of the construction. Defective building materials might be used or the workmanship could be less than perfect.

Order an 11th-month warranty inspection to have the property assessed by a professional. He or she might find mistakes made when the home was framed or when the front porch railing was installed. A professional will be well-trained to spot defects that you may not have noticed even after months of living in the house.

Request Repairs Before the Warranty Expires

If your builder provided a warranty with the purchase, you will need to file a claim before the warranty period runs out. Having a professional inspection completed in the 11th month of homeownership gives you the opportunity to find any problems and submit your claim. Even if you and your family have noticed issues, the home inspector will document these concerns. He or she will provide a report detailing the findings which you can share with your builder.

Save Money at Resale Time

When you’re moving into a newly built home, you’re probably not planning a move anytime soon. It is difficult to know what the future may bring. You might find you need to relocate for a job or to take care of an aging parent. When the time comes to sell the home, your buyer will order a home inspection before closing. Any problems or defects found during their inspection will be your responsibility to repair, even if it is an issue that dates back to the initial build.

An 11th-month warranty inspection gives you the information to file a claim before the builder’s warranty expires.

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